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Palm Tree Care Gold Coast

At Tree Removal Gold Coast, We’ll Keep Your Majestic Palms Looking Stunning!
Our professional arborists also have extensive experience in caring for palm trees and other unusual or unique trees.

There are over 3000 types of palm trees with many of them all over the Gold Coast as well.
They give a relaxing, tropical, and low-key vibe to your property and what’s more, they are powerful and resilient trees that need minimal care.

Even though they are a bit common place in the Gold Coast, preserving their beauty can get expensive and just too much work for homeowners and companies too.

Palm Tree Trimming Gold Coast

The problem with palm trees is that their leaves and branches – their central crown – are located at the very top of their tall trunks! It is almost impossible to climb it without a harness, mountain climbing gear, tons of bravery, or a crane.

Getting up there is an adventure in itself already, and when you are there, you realize how little it is you have to do because its giant leaf or palm fronds, when dead, just need a firm tug to release them.


Palm Tree Removal Gold Coast

In any case, if you’re done with this type of labour-intensive work, or if the tree is no longer a favourite, you can consider getting it removed. Geelong Tree Removal can chop down and dispose of any kind of palm tree found on your property. Our expert tree elimination group has more than 15 years of experience and also can often finish the job quickly, and more often than not, in a single visit.

Are its diseased leaves harbouring pests? Do some branches appear weak, or is there too much heavy coconut fruit that it looks like they will fall and hit your neighbour’s property during high winds?

You can depend on our expert palm tree removal and cutter to eliminate the dead palm fronds as well as the tree itself, carefully, applying the proper precaution to protect your family and property. Using the correct devices and our expertise, we can get rid of palm trees immediately.

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