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Gold Coast Stump Grinding or Removal

Tree Stump grinding or removal is a vital service we offer.
Tree stumps can make your backyard look like a desolate wasteland. They are eyesores, they get in the way of a perfect lawn and can even host termites that can attack your home.

If you have already taken down a tree or two in your backyard for whatever reason, be it you are planning to extend your home, or it has been attacked by insects or damaged by the weather, you will probably have a stump or two left in the ground when all is said and done.

Even if the tree is gone, many people forget that its roots will still be there, below the ground.
When you have big trees, expect them to have a big stump as well as big roots that can spread all around (and under) your back or front yard. These roots can slowly affect your pipelines, be it water, petrol or communication lines. Cases of blocked and destroyed pipes are commonplace all over the Gold Coast.

You will have no choice but to remove the tree stump, roots and all eventually.

When it’s time for stump removal in the Gold Coast, there are several ways to do it. Many think it can be quickly done DIY style, either burning it, chopping it even poisoning or the good old let’s get the car’s horsepower to pull it out. But trust us, it is better to get a specialist like Gold Coast Tree Removal to do it for you.

We prefer to use the stump grinding method wherein the stump is chopped, sliced and ground down into wood chips, mulch or even sawdust.

If your stump remains in a difficult to get to place, make sure to contact a firm that has a wide range of devices like we do.

We have a wide variety of commercial-grade stump grinders to cater to the different tree stump sizes as well as terrain where it is located.
We place the grinder on top of the tree stump, and it will grind it down into its core.

So if you have a stump that needs to be removed, give us a call.
We can provide you with a price as well as a general idea of how the project will turn out.

After that, if you make a decision to hire us, we will certainly be able to remove any type of stump in virtually any kind of location.

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