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Tree Removal Gold Coast is a specialist tree service contract operating on the Gold Coast that provides all manner of tree removal, maintenance, and planting services for our customers.
Though our specialty is residential tree removals, Gold Coast Tree Removal handles business and corporate customers as well.

We tackle all kinds of tree removal-related services, big or small.
We are experts in site clearance as well, and all our jobs are insured and guaranteed. Clearing up a site of unwanted, hazardous or dead trees, bushes and ivy can be troublesome. Yet, we deal with all removals swiftly and successfully, which is why we have many return customers and their referrals.

Tree lopping and removals are usually the last resort for many homeowners. Trees are beautiful and add value to your property. However, there are lots of factors that can force you to eliminate a tree, including tree illness, storm, wind and tornado damages, cars hitting it, its roots are already destroying your home’s foundation and more.

We are entirely qualified to remove troubled trees, even those in hard-to-reach or awkward spaces.
You can choose to remove the whole tree if there is enough space or we can take it down by sections.
The branches or parts cut down, we can either trim to make into wood chips, but if they are full of pests like termites or more, we will immediately remove them from the premise.

Taking down trees by section is a safer method, and our arborists will climb up the tree using the most advanced mountain and tree climbing equipment available to start removing the dead branches. This method also allows nature to do its thing as well, so the tree naturally falls apart.
During this entire process, branches being removed will either be dropped straight onto your yard or taken down slowly using rigs and other methods to prevent any damage.

Our last resort is to use a crane, and we will determine if your tree removal service will need one or not on the day we do an ocular inspection to view your tree. We are aware that Cranes are pieces of heavy equipment and they might destroy your driveway or lawn, so we only bring it out when it is needed.

We have at our disposal wood chipping and stump removing machines as well as a team of fit, insured and expert arborists who are also some of the best climbers in the state.

We also offer Regular tree maintenance services which is a great way to manage your trees as well as help identify any problem spots early on.
If your trees get checked every few months, our arborists will be able to prune and trim effectively, notice if termites have made their way into the tree and they can also check if the roots are already creeping into your swimming pool or home’s foundation.

We also offer stump removal or chipping, the removal of ivy on your external walls as well as palm tree and other exotic tree maintenance.
Having a home covered in ivy gives it a timeless appeal, but you need to observe it as it grows. It can create several problems such as deteriorating brick and mortar work, allowing the damp to settle inside your home, causing mould. Call us to eliminate any unwanted ivy from your wall surfaces, as a result of preventing the linked problems.

Finally, if you need 24-hour emergency services – especially for trees suffering from extreme weather damage or a road accident, we will help and arrive there as soon as we possibly can.

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